News of higher educational institutions. Construction


The publisher – Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) (before renaming – Novosibirsk Construction Institute named after V.V. Kuybyshev – till 1993, then Novosibirsk State Academy of Building – till 1998).

The journal status is the scientific-theoretical edition. There is an international standard number of serial edition ISSN.

It has been published since 1958 as one of journals from series “News of higher educational institutions”.

Periodicity of release - monthly.

The purposes and problems of journal

  • Acquaintance of a wide range of readers in Russia and abroad – scientific and academical employees, students and post-graduate students of higher educational institutions specialized in architecture and civil engineering, as soon as construction practitioners – with results of scientific researches, a current state and prospects of building sciences development;
  • Granting of possibility to publish the new scientific results;
  • The information on introduction of scientific workings out in manufacture;
  • The organisation and carrying out scientific discussions in various directions of building sciences.
  • Thematic sections *):
  1. The theory of structures

  2. Building constructions, buildings and structures. Bases and foundations

  3. Building materials and products

  4. Engineering life support systems of the inhabited places, buildings and structures. Ecological safety of construction

  5. Hydrotechnical construction, hydraulics and engineering hydrology

  6. Technology and organization of construction

  7. Scientific problems of architecture, town planning and ecology

  8. Scientific and methodical section

  9. In  higher school labs

  10. Achievements of science - to production

  11. Scientifically technical information

*) On two groups of scientific specialities according to the actual Nomenclature of Specialities:

         05.23.00 Civil engineering and architecture (architecture, engineering sciences)